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High Speed Door

The high speed door has multiple functions such as fast opening and closing, temperature insulation, dust and insect prevention, and sound insulation.

Zipper High Speed Door

The zipper high speed door has a unique guide rail zipper design and an integrated airtight door body, which can reduce energy loss and provide effective logistics access.

Thermal Insulation Door

The thermal insulation door has multi-layer composite inner clip thermal insulation material, and the track is embedded with a sealed structure, which is suitable for cold storage areas.

Spiral Door

The spiral door is a new type of metal industrial door integrating heat preservation, energy saving, sealing, high efficiency, wind resistance and environmental protection.

Sectional Door

The industrial sectional door has beautiful appearance, strong and durable, stable opening and closing, low noise, sealing and heat preservation, and safety and reliability.

Cleanroom Door

The clean room high speed door can maintain the original temperature condition and cleanliness of the interior space of the building, and also has a self-repair function.

Cold Storage Door

The cold storage door combines the zipper structure with the thermal insulation multi-layer thickened door curtain to ensure internal air tightness and reduce energy loss.

Stacking Door

The stacking door adopts a folding lifting method and multiple built-in and external horizontal wind-resistant rods, so that the wind pressure is evenly distributed on the whole door curtain.

Speed Door Servo Motor

The speed door servo motor adopts permanent magnet synchronous high temperature resistant outer rotor motor, which is super energy-saving and efficient, small in size and low in noise.


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