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SEPPES was founded in 2011, and we have been in industrial logistics equipment field for more than 11 years, amazing!


We previously focused on doing domestic trade and remained in the top three in this area. In order to allow more customers to use high-quality industrial equipment, we established the Foreign Trade Department three years ago. In the past three years, we have sold our products to nearly 40 countries and regions!


We can see that the industrial level and materials of many manufacturers are still stuck a few years ago. Many customers are keen on low prices, but often encounter all kinds of troubles after purchasing.


Don’t let low-quality industrial high-speed doors bother you. The meaning of the existence of the SEPPES brand is to develop the most durable and worry-free products. We always use the latest technology and high quality raw materials. Hope our advanced technology can inject fresh blood into the market.

Numbers we are proud of

SEPPES has nearly 20 authoritative product standard certifications at home and abroad, such as EU certification CE and international SGS. Holds a number of invention and technology patents, and is continuously updated with the progress of nearly 10 technology patent applications every year.


The company has invested 37.7 million yuan.  A number of automated product production lines and customized assembly equipment can meet the various needs of fast standardized production and personalized customized manufacturing. Under the high-efficiency full-load operation, the annual production capacity of about 150 million yuan can be achieved.


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SEPPES Industrial Door Can Be Fast & Efficient.

We supply high speed doors to nearly 300 factories and enterprises each year.

We have a professional technical team and advanced production equipment. To ensure quality, each door has its own "identity card". We accept customer customization and can meet the use of most industrial environments.


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SEPPES was founded in 2009, and we have been in this field for more than 12 years, amazing!


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